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Waivers and Exemptions

Flight Operations Development

Let our team of UAS experts help you design a UAS division within your company, including setting up:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Part 107 waivers or 333 exemptions
  • Certificates of authorization
  • Aircraft registration
  • UAS research applications
  • UAS regulations and policies
  • Agronomy and agriculture applications

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Bankruptcy can help you take charge of your debt–and your life–and move toward financial independence.

We have helped hundreds of Arizonians get rid of debts and deal with financial problems. Once you’ve permanently stop the repeating cycle of late payments, your credit will recover and you’ll get back in control of your financial future. Many of our clients see their credit scores increase significantly after ending this destructive cycle with a bankruptcy case!

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Landlord-Tenant Law

We help Arizona landlords enforce their rights under the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. Over the past decade the Dunaway Law Group has represented Arizona residential and commercial landlords in more than 1000 landlord-tenant cases.

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