Well Registration Number

All water wells in Arizona are assigned a Well Registry Number from the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR). A Well Registry Number is similar to a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). There is a single Well Registry Number that is assigned to a particular well. Each registration number begins with “55-” and is followed by six numerical digits.

The Well Registry Number will not change even if the ownership of the well changes or the parcel where the well is located changes parcel numbers.

The Arizona Groundwater Management Act of 1980 mandates that all property owners register their water wells with the ADWR. Additionally, property owners are required to keep ownership information current with the Department.

However, many properties are sold and transferred without informing the ADWR that there was a change in ownership.

how to verify well ownership with the adwr

Verify the well ownership information by visiting the ADWR HERE. You can search by using the Well Registry Number, Property Owner Name Search of Location (Township/Range, Parcel, Cadastral, Basin or Subbasin).

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Author: Clint Dunaway

Arizona attorney.