Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Courses

Who Must Complete the Initial Credit Counseling Course?

Everyone filing for bankruptcy must complete a pre and post-filing, credit counseling course. This is true whether filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Additionally, if married, both spouses must complete the credit counseling courses. If you do not take the class prior to filing the bankruptcy your case will be dismissed.

How is the credit counseling class completed?

The Credit Counseling Courses are completed online. The classes are $20 and completed in about 90 minutes.

Debtor CC Online Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Course is a company who we have had good experiences with.

After completing the credit counseling course the company will generate a certificate as proof of you having taken the course. This certificate will be filed along with your Petition and Schedules.

When does the credit counseling class need to be completed?

The credit counseling course must be completed BEFORE the bankruptcy is filed, however, it cannot be completed more than a 180-days before the bankruptcy is filed.

2nd Bankruptcy Class- After Your Bankruptcy is Filed

Everyone filing bankruptcy must complete a second bankruptcy education course known as the “Debtor Education Course“. The second course is taken after the bankruptcy is filed and preferably before the 341 hearing.

What is Learned from the Debtor Education Course?

The idea behind the Debtor Education Course is for bankruptcy filers to learn new techniques for handling their finances after your bankruptcy has been closed.

Where Can I Take the Debtor Education Course?

The Debtor Education Course can be completed by using any company that provides the service. The Bankruptcy court does not require you to use one company versus another and they do not endorse any particular company. Additionally, the Debtor Education Course can be completed online or by telephone.

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