Country Meadows Justice Court

Country Meadows Justice Court:
Address: 10420 W. Van Buren St.
Avondale, AZ 85323
Phone: (623) 372-8000

front entrance of the southwest regional courthouse

*** Until January 2017 This Was the Home of the Country Meadows Justice ***

The old Country Meadows Justice Court, was housed in the basement of a building in downtown Phoenix, as much as a 20-mile drive from the farthest edge of the West Valley precinct it served. The building was originally a parking garage which was later converted into a bank and then later used to house courts. But the basement always had the feeling of a garage, with columns in the middle of the court and the clerk area. The ceiling in the court itself was super low and the lighting was really bad. Plus, parking for the old Country Meadows Justice Court was limited to parking on the street or in a crowded parking garage.

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